What Is Spiritual Communalism?

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The following channeling is an excerpt from the Everlasting Gospel, Book One, Chapter 6: Spiritual Communalism — which is the natural way of life throughout Galactica.

What then is spiritual communalism? It is “holding all things common and making free distribution according to need,” as Jesus taught his disciples, which we can read in Acts 4:32-35. It means people living on the planet as a great loving family. Very simple! This begins by ending all private property: declaring all land, material property, industry and goods in general to be neutral, owned only by God. That is, we give it all up to God, including the money; and It in turn appoints us the caretakers of Its creations. No one is displaced from their dwelling, nor forced to do anything. Nor will anyone hoard or misuse materiality, because higher consciousness will prevail, along with an abundance of all needed things. All these changes take place easily, because they are the obvious things to do.

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We create a free cash flow money system as a first step to getting rid of money entirely. We forgive all debts and all debtors, and we turn on the whole planet with free money for everyone and everything vital. This frees the people from money atonement with one master stroke. This is a necessary step to getting rid of money altogether. In a fully communal world money is unnecessary. The new world commune comes into being automatically, as we set up the new sharing world of free giving and receiving. It’s so simple a child can do it.

In fact the children will do it, as they are able and willing, as will the adults. Serving one another with joy produces lasting happiness for everyone. The new world commune is right in the every day love services done without thought of remuneration that provide our daily needs: like making and serving wholesome dinners, cleaning or building houses, planting and harvesting fresh, vital organic food from the garden. All people will serve and be served as equals, with all basic needs guaranteed from birth.

Imagine it! Freedom at last from the struggle for survival. Freedom from all spiritual and social-economic oppression. This we will do and more.

The class struggle between capital and labor, between the haves and the have nots, ends as we help, love and lift everyone regardless of what they have done. All people will be fed, clothed, housed, cared for, and supplied with needed communications, transportation, recreation and energy in all forms.

With the money issue solved, we can turn to the immediate tasks at hand, starting with emergency relief to the 1.3 billion people living in poverty, and the cleaning up of cities and our environment in general. We will treat the environment with all the love and care it deserves, ending the toxic destruction of the biosphere by bringing society and industry into balance with nature. Let’s give the whole planet a thorough cleansing, a face lift for Mother Nature, who is a little worn out at this point from caring for her wayward children. Spirit God will supply all the inspiration we need!

A World People’s Emergency Government is formed by the transformation of the existing government structure into a free-flowing communal organization of pure service to the people: all bureaucracy and systems of operation quickly streamline as that which is extraneous and superfluous is dropped. The real things to be done will be obvious, with no voting necessary. Communal (consensus) decision making governs all councils of the people. Red tape and useless regulations fall out of the picture. All governing bodies will turn to the real tasks of serving the people, with no money issues involved other than appropriation and distribution. The presses that print money will belong to the people, to be used for our common benefit.

The World People’s Emergency Government has an initial primary focus of getting emergency food, supplies, shelter and care to the poor and impoverished of the world, as well as creating the communal infrastructure that brings their life into health, harmony and happiness. All people will respond to this effort, and join in to wipe hunger, poverty and disease from the face of the earth. Gardens and large scale organic farms will blossom everywhere to feed people living, wholesome food directly from the vine of life.

With peace established, the resources of the world’s military can be applied to this task, with the world’s Universal Soldiers and youth in general being the backbone to carry it out. All useless weapons go to the smelter to be made into the likes of hammers, nails, rakes, hoes, and shovels, as well as plows and tractors – and used accordingly.

With Galactic contact established by the Elohim in great spaceships, all limitations of materials and energies are removed. The Universe is a place of material abundance for all, and the cosmic Dynadran power units draw unlimited energy right from the electromagnetic field to power and energize all of life’s needs.

The Galactic Initiation is on schedule to take place, keying off in energy shifts like going up the notes of a musical scale, then switching to a higher, transcendental key altogether. This contact is already taking place, with a big new wave of energy-in-consciousness coming in now at the turn of the Millennium.

Most importantly, World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise ends the cause of crime and violence. All prisons will be torn down and people rehabilitated back into society. There is no disease, either physical, emotional or mental, that can’t be healed by God’s loving, omnipotent spirit. People will learn how to channel this energy in real, meaningful ways, to be healed accordingly.

Quickly, the emergency government gives way into our autonomous New World Government that is absolutely of, by and for the people. Nation-states and their bureaucracies dissolve in the process of building this new union, in which all citizens have full equal rights as citizens of Placentia. The new system is one of free giving and receiving through an autonomous communal structure. Here is where the Internet plays a major role. We dissolve the old system by installing the new autonomous self-governed system, which we will build with Spirit God’s guidance.

Begin to see yourself as a cosmopolitan world citizen, with free access to the whole world (on a sharing basis, of course), part of the new communal world. You’ll probably live with your extended family, souls you are on vibration with, with your own space as part of a communal family complex. Empty office buildings will be converted into housing and other service centers. You’ll schedule your own love service shifts, as well as recreation and transportation, on the Internet. Industries and government services will also gear up to use this system.

The Internet system will be greatly enhanced, expanding out to quickly serve all people worldwide. With Galactica’s arrival, new ETI holographic computer-communicators will be delivered here. These new computers are crystal balls that come in different sizes according to need. They respond to psychic vibrations of mind force. Imagine a universal communicator that’s a wireless phone, TV, computer, Internet hook-up all in one. You can speak to it, and the Uni Mind will speak to you. Through the New Jerusalem, we will all be connected to the Galactic Internet, the life-matrix of Universe itself, with 4-D instantaneous access to anywhere and anything in the Universe, with your mind in perfect telepathic synchronicity.

Spirit God has brought us the world Internet to use as the electronic nervous system of the new autonomous world social organization, which is all a free flow of energy and not the static limitations of business as usual. It will quickly be the channel for all communication media. Imagine the energy potential of a world people inherent in a commercial-free world! The new system is autonomous and self-governing, with equality for all. No more artificial controls over the people, who will only be led by those who have wisdom and true personality: not as bosses, but as true servants of the people.

Money was originally intended to be a free medium of exchange, and that is how we begin the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, by using money as free cash flow, i.e. free of interest. The debt of the world is forgiven and eliminated. We simply direct the real wealth of the world to be distributed among all of its inhabitants as God requests, through the 666 teller window. We Get Rid Of Money – GROM – by first declaring all financial services on the planet to be joined as the World People’s GROM Bank, wholly owned and operated by “We the people.” This is how we peacefully end the commercial buying and selling world.

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