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Contact With Galactica — iRadio Podcast Channeled communications about world transformation and planetary enlightenment. Galactica is our civilization of eternal beings inhabiting the entire Universe, that have their headquarters in this galaxy at the Great Central Sun; who are assisting humanity to awaken, and in the process bring a whole new world into being, a space age paradise of absolute freedom, security and abundance for ALL people.

Hosted by Joseph Antaree

1. Contact With Galactica - CWG 177     

January 20, 2016, 8:00 PM
Channelings of the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael: GOD – Ultimate Unlimited Mind – SPEAKS, “Special healing Project”
31:31 min., 72.2 MB

2. Contact With Galactica - CWG 176     

January 5, 2016, 8:00 PM
Channelings of the Everlasting Gospel by Allen Michael: Introduction to GOD – Ultimate Unlimited Mind – SPEAKS
21:12 min., 48.4 MB

3. Contact With Galactica - CWG 175     

December 10, 2015, 4:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel – The Great World Celebration, Creating Utopia, Part 3
12:42 min., 30.6 MB

4. Contact With Galactica - CWG 174     

November 23, 2015, 4:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel – The Great World Celebration, Creating Utopia, Part 2
9:38 min., 21.3 MB

5. Contact With Galactica - CWG 173     

October 26, 2015, 1:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel – The Great World Celebration, Creating Utopia, Part 1
12:39 min., 30.6 MB

6. Contact With Galactica - CWG 172     

September 18, 2015, 4:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel – God’s Spirit being poured out on all flesh is redeeming the souls of this world right now; souls who were caught up in an atomic firestorm that destroyed all life in this solar system. Through this Creative Miracle the souls and all life are reborn in a new world space age paradise.
10:43 min., 26.1 MB

7. Contact With Galactica - CWG 171     

March 28, 2015, 8:45 PM
Allen Michael, ETI Channel – The Pyramid Temple Communities: “During the 400,000 year Galactic period, the twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were spaced around the planet in the warm balmy climates, each initially colonized with about a hundred thousand male and female bodies. The bodies were cloned by the Galactic Elohim in body-growing novas on board their great mind-over-matter causation spaceships.”
11:44 min., 26.8 MB

8. Contact With Galactica - CWG 170     

November 10, 2014, 4:20 PM
Allen Michael, ETI Channel: Fear is a fool, that, when challenged by spiritual action, isn’t there at all. The enemy, your enemy, if you have one, is your negative karmic patterns, which are playing back from what you say and do that is recorded in the planet’s aura, the morphic resonance. What you have said and done plays back in you, so that you can correct your errors, to finally use God’s telepathic communion.
5:11 min., 12.6 MB

9. Contact With Galactica - CWG 169     

Sept 27, 2014, 4:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel: World transformation is fully underway here on Placentia, planet of plenty and rebirth. Souls everywhere are Awakening to this reality.
9:10 min., 22.0 MB

10. Contact With Galactica - CWG 168     

Sept 14, 2014, 8:20 PM
KZSC Santa Cruz “Inner Views” radio show with guest Allen Michael. The reality of Galactic Contact: Part 3
35:02 min., 39.4 MB

11. Contact With Galactica - CWG 167     

Sept 7, 2014, 4:20 PM
KZSC Santa Cruz “Inner Views” radio show with guest Allen Michael. The reality of Galactic Contact: Part 2
31:02 min., 35.2 MB

12. Contact With Galactica - CWG 166     

Aug 28, 2014, 4:20 PM
Allen Michael, The Everlasting Gospel: “Higher Consciousness Restored.”
10:53 min., 26.1 MB

13. Contact With Galactica - CWG 165     

Aug 10, 2014, 4:20 PM
KZSC Santa Cruz “Inner Views” radio show with guest Allen Michael. The reality of Galactic Contact: Part 1
32:52 min., 39.4 MB

14. Contact With Galactica - CWG 164     

July 24, 2014, 5:20 PM
Allen Michael, The Everlasting Gospel: Introduction

“The big event that is happening in the Middle East now is spoken of in the prophecy of Daniel 11:1-45. This is a karmic confrontation between the King of the North (principally America, Israel and England, with the Federal Reserve System as their defining icon), and the King of the South (the Arab nations of the Middle East, along with Russia and China) who oppose what is going on in the false Israel. The King of the North money moguls of Capitalism actually believe that they are creating the New World Order and that they are bringing about God’s Kingdom. They want the people to stay in their buying and selling system for another thousand years, using the people as economic slaves to their satanic system.

“We shall see why they shall fail and why a much greater Idea happens: the actuality of God’s Real Paradise Kingdom coming into being.”
16:10 min., 38.8 MB

15. Contact With Galactica - CWG 163     

July 8, 2014, 4:20 PM
Allen Michael, The Everlasting Gospel: The great revelation given in this Everlasting Gospel is that a catastrophe happened long ago in this solar system . . . which has been the cause of all the satanic negativity and duality that the people here have been dealing with in this space warp of consciousness.
14:46 min., 35.5 MB

16. Contact With Galactica - CWG 162     

July 3, 2014, 4:20 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel: A meditation on global healing, transformation and enlightenment, courtesy of God-The-Universe.
17:00 min., 37.8 MB

17. Contact With Galactica - CWG 161     

March 17, 2014, 6:00 PM
Joseph Antaree, ETI Channel: Omni God’s Spirit is being poured out on all flesh, coming ALIVE in US. The outcome of Evolution is human Enlightenment. Our very Being is cosmic Christ Consciousness. World Transformation ensues.
13:00 min., 29.8 MB

18. Contact With Galactica - CWG 160     

March 10, 2014, 4:00 PM
Galactic News Service recording with Allen Michael and Steve Wolfe, April 2001. Allen Michael channels about the Solar Catastrophe and the redeeming of spaced out souls on this special healing planet.
30:00 min., 71.2 MB

19. Contact With Galactica - CWG 159     

January 27, 2014, 10:00 PM
Long ago a catastrophe struck this solar system destroying all life. This world was set up by God-the-Universe in concert with a special contingent of the Galactic Elohim as a special healing planet to redeem the billions of souls who had caused the destruction, whose soul bodies were damaged in the atomic meltdown. This is a bitter truth for souls here to swallow. But once digested it will come out of your mouth sweet as honey. Now is the time for the great spiritual redemption of all human beings back into the eternal civilization with their galactic family, who are here to guide the whole process.
16:30 min., 16 MB

20. Contact With Galactica - CWG 158     

December 21, 2013, 6:00 PM
A Christmas Message from the Universe: We can ALL share the world. Beyond the artificial tribulation, the ETI-controlled letdown of earth people’s karma, comes the greatest blessing to ALL humanity, ALL Life transformed absolutely.
17:00 min., 40 MB

21. Contact With Galactica - CWG 157     

January 19, 2013, 3:00 PM
A potent message from the Universal Mind in Its channeled Everlasting Gospel, entitled “Michael’s Stand”: absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people. Complete equality. ETI Contact is creating this new reality by raising the energy level and consciousness of the whole world. The key is transforming the money system, eliminating all debt by printing US Constitutional free cash flow money.
17:57 min., 16.3 MB

22. Contact With Galactica - CWG 156     

June 11, 2012, 7:30 PM
The essence of ETI Contact is God's Spirit being poured out on all flesh, awakening Humanity to claim its Destiny: a new world that blesses everyone, no one left out. The New Jerusalem is a galactic mothership, a gift from the Universe to the people. The Dynadran power system brings unlimited free energy to the world, supplying all needs for industry, power, transportation. A Global Society comes into being that is “one for all, all for one.” Galactic society is this already, we are coming up into alignment with its natural principles.
20:00 min., 18.3 MB

23. Contact With Galactica - CWG 156 Part 2     

June 25, 2012, 2:50 PM
Continuing topic of CWG156, part 2: Synthesis consciousness emerges in humanity thru a 3rd circuit awakening in all of us, awareness that is one for all, all for one. A new system of pure giving and receiving comes into being blessing everyone.
8:00 min., 7.4 MB

24. Contact With Galactica - CWG 155     

March 8, 2012, 4:30 PM
The great artificial tribulation is in process, controlled by the God Force and the Galactic Elohim. How do we survive this?! How do we clear our own karma?
18:38 min., 17.3 MB

25. Contact With Galactica - CWG 154     

Nov. 29, ’11, 4:53 PM
Transcending Armageddon; transforming the criminal usury money system.
12:11 min., 11.2 MB

26. Contact With Galactica - CWG 153     

August 30, ’11, 4:11 PM
Galactic Contact keys off a great world wide movement that ends the status quo, as energy and higher consciousness of the Universe comes into us; going beyond business-as-usual into an enlightened society. Absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people, living in total equality.
20:04 min., 18.9 MB

27. Contact With Galactica - CWG 152     

May 24, ’11, 1:05 PM
Contact with the eternal Universe activates the new heart and new mind in liberated souls of an enlightened society that is “one for all, all for one”. Satanic thought is dissolved. Money came into being to force society to evolve. All-Knowing is direct realization. Special guest Michael Bobier, recorded in 2006. Highly relevant now.
30:05 min., 27.6 MB

28. Contact With Galactica - CWG 150     

May 1, ’11, 2:50 PM
The Delivery of Humanity is fully underway. Creation Universe and the Galactic Elohim are helping, loving and lifting all souls here to make the transition into a New World. Out of the tribulation, the phoenix of a new civilization rises, beyond money, nation-states, and secular control of the people; beyond war, crime, disease and poverty; straight into absolute freedom, security and abundance for all souls.
17 min., 14.9 MB

29. Contact With Galactica - CWG 149     

Jan 11, ’11, 1:30 PM
God’s Spirit is awakening in all humanity. Our true Self is coming Alive! How to survive the whirl of karma as a new world is born. Receive the new heart, mind and courage to persevere thru this cleansing.
18 min., 15.3 MB

30. Contact With Galactica - CWG 148     

Nov 9, ’10, 3:20 PM
The One World Family Commune. The origins of the One World Family Commune: San Francisco, Marin and Berkeley.
22:52 min, 23.0 MB

31. Contact With Galactica - CWG 147     

Aug 23, ’10, 5:00 PM
The unfolding karmic tribulation, Spirit God’s real purpose, our eternal Universe is real.
12 min, 10.5 MB

32. Contact With Galactica - CWG 145     

Feb 28, ’10, 6:40 PM
A social-economic system of free giving and receiving creates a new culture that serves all people. Our eternal civilization of Galactica is at our doorstep, bringing this into being with humanity and the God Force.
10:29 min, 9.2 MB

33. Contact With Galactica - CWG 02     

Jan 2, ’07, 2:53 PM
Humanity is making a Quantum Leap in consciousness, into a Synthesis Oneness Civilization. No money. No war, violence or military. No crime, criminals or politicians legislating life. No nation-states or even mortal governments as they are now, in any form. The New World is autonomous self-government, living as a great world communal society. Michael Bobier joins Joseph Antaree in exploring the unfolding of earth people’s karma into a new world.
30 min, 28.3 MB

34. Contact With Galactica - CWG 01     

Dec 15, ’06, 9:57 PM
Contact with the Universe and Its cosmic civilization of Galactica transforms the whole world. The full message of this contact is in the channelings of the prophesied Everlasting Gospel, brought to heal the world.
21 min, 19.5 MB


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Hello People,
I am a musician who, many years ago, connected with a certain Steve Wolfe, who played sax and flute. The last time I talked to him he was living in No. California and apparently doing quite well. Then I heard he had moved to Europe and since then I have not been able to locate him anywhere, despite fairly intensive searching. As I know Steve was affiliated with your organization, I am wondering if anyone here has any info on what’s become of my old and dear friend. I am worried about him. Any info MUCH appreciated. Thanks, and continued good fortunes, Peter B.

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